What a great event!  I learned so much more about Feng Shui than I'd known previously.  I've already freed up some space in our home (literally and figuratively), thanks to some of the wonderful ideas from Benjamin. -K.M.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Feng Shui evening.  Thank you for putting it all together.  I am getting a little obsessed with the de-cluttering!  It's a good thing. -V.B.

I adjusted my space in a few ways and I feel like a million dollars.  What a fascinating topic! -A.H.

FENG SHUI:  Adjust your surroundings to stimulate your life. The ancient Chinese art of placement can show you how your environments are linked to every area of your life including: Relationships, wealth and well being. Benjamin has developed unique Feng Shui techniques specifically designed for your modern lifestyle. He combines traditional Feng Shui methods with current knowledge of; science, psychology and design. His Feng Shui consultation will provide you with simple, but powerful solutions for your home or work space enhancing the quality of your life and gaining control of your life path.

NINE STAR KI:  Working with an ancient Chinese astral system and various temporal calculations Benjamin will identify personality types for you, immediate family members and others close to you. Using this trusted and detailed system he will provide you with: Information about how best to interact with others, the most valuable type of people to share your life with and how to deal with challenges in your daily life. Benjamin will also be able to clearly identify the rhythm of cycles within your life, help with life decisions and provide information on directions for travel and moving.

ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARING:  Benjamin performs simple but effective energetic clearing on all types of spaces. The environmental clearing techniques used are developed from a variety of respected sources and will provide you with a fully energetically cleared environment which has been shielded and set with your personal intentions.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS:   Benjamin is available for public presentations and also offers various types of courses for Feng Shui learning.  He can provide interactive presentations from one hour introductory talks to specialized training for existing practitioners. He is also available for limited private one on one mentoring sessions for intermediate and advanced level Feng Shui practitioners.

For more information regarding current speaking engagements and courses being offered please visit EVENTS.

Please contact Benjamin Huntington directly to discuss booking him for a speaking engagement or workshop.